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We are proud of our students and we do believe that they are the best showroom of the MCS success. This section is all about our alumni experience. We want you to have a first-hand information about the MCS experience. This section provides you with feedback of MCS alumni and offers the opportunity to know more about them. Please, do not hesitate to contact any of them if you have any question.

  • Antonio José López

    After 2 years working with IoT & Smart Cities technologies, joined MCS to find new ideas to approach cities and its citizens problems. Appart from new tools beyond the Smart City concept, MCS gives students a transversal view on city assets: urban planning, transport, energy, ecology or sociology, and of course ICT technologies and innovation. This knowledge has definitely given me new tools for my Smart City management position, but also an holistic approach to understand the cities where we live, a valuable asset to grow up in my career.

    Antonio José López IoT Platform Product Manager @ Telefonica Email:
  • Ana Gavilanes Vallecillo

    Cities require to unify several broad fields of knowledge—social, economic, spatial. City planners coordinate and synthesize contributions from all this domains. Their work requires a global vision. This is how Master in City Sciences approaches its program, keeping in mind that the city is a living thing whose elements are tightly connected and interdependent.
    Moreover, an excellent team of professors and experts of every area and the best colleagues from such different backgrounds and experience, generate an intimate engaged learning atmosphere and of discussions very stimulating.
    The Masters in City sciences will enable me to evolve personally and professionally in many ways. 

    Ana Gavilanes Vallecillo Architec Email:
  • Raquel Guijarro

    The best professors and expertise, a nice atmosphere to learn, classmates from all over the world with different backgrounds and perspectives and an amazing program are some of the components of the Master in City Sciences, which allow us to better understand this multifaceted reality cities are nowadays. No matter what your background is, if you are interested in cities this is your Master.

    Raquel Guijarro Architect and civil servant (Government of Spain) Email:
  • Andrés Robalino Rubio

    I’ve always been passionate about cities. I think that cities are the greatest expression of human evolution: a place where people can thrive. At the MCS I’ve had the chance to discover why cities fascinates me, it has given me an insightful understanding of the metropolis and the opportunity to develop my career further, oriented to my passion. This master not only gives a holistic view, but also the tools to address the problematic of the metropolis. Thus, every student gets involve deeply in the construction of better cities. 

    Andrés Robalino Rubio Electronic Engineer & MBA Email:
  • Alejandro de Miguel Solano

    The object of study of this master is a novel and attractive subject. Traditional architectural training barely covers the knowledge about cities, let alone the most up-to-date advances in science that a complete study of the city requires. Fully expanding this knowledge in a structured and interdisciplinary way is essential for future cities and agents thereto related. Issues such as efficiency, sustainability and innovation are of utmost importance for improving the quality of life of the urban population, which makes up to the 56% of the people living in the Earth today.The international vocation of this master represents for me a great attraction, addressing the future of cities in a global and ever-changing context. The insight of the teachers and different backgrounds among participants is a very valuable asset to the program.

    Alejandro de Miguel Solano Architect and Urban Planner at DL+A Email:
  • Thibaud Dubrule

    The Master in ‘City Science’ has given me the chance to explore new subjects and learn a lot of new material. I’m seeing now the city as a whole, being able to understand how it works and the correlation between dimensions that make a city work – or not. The Master has also opened me the door of new technologies and how to deal with next big changes to expect in our cities allowing me to understand what my next professional step should be. 

    Thibaud Dubrule Mechanical Engineer Email:
  • Daniel Sarasa Funes

    Since I joined the team of the Zaragoza's Digital Mile (the innovation district of Zaragoza) back in 2008 with the job of planning and building the city Wi-Fi, I felt that my telecom background only gave me a partial understanding of the complex technologies and processes that shape our cities of today. Energy, urbanism, participation, mobility, entrepreneurship, social and demographic changes, environment, ICT, are each a field of study on their own. Viewed from a holistic perspective, they form a wonderful lattice with continuous overlapping and interaction that we, city makers, cannot afford to ignore.I am a passionate for cities in general (and for innovation in cities in particular) and that reflects on my blog, which I write along with other team members, and where I share my learning, thoughts and concerns about the building of smarter, greener and more open cities.After co-authoring (and partially implementing) Zaragoza's Digital Strategy 2012-2015 (named “Zaragoza's Open Government Strategy: Towards a smart citizenship”) I might have an opportunity to coordinate the city's more comprehensive Zaragoza 2020 strategy.In this professional context, I have been pleased to be admitted into the Master in City Sciences (MCS), where I have been able to find, through its comprehensive and rich program, the knowledge and vision required to accomplish the challenge I am likely to meet in the next couple of years. Besides, MCS professors, classmates and staff are being a constant source of inspiration and ideas, creating and entrepreneurial atmosphere that is leading us to a new professional plateau.

    Daniel Sarasa Funes Urban Innovation Program Manager, Smart City Department - Zaragoza City Council Email:
  • Renato Almeida Rodrigues

    Understanding cities and especially how to make them “smarter” is not a simple task. The challenges and constraints require a holistic perspective of concepts as various as Sociology, Urban Design, Big Data , Internet of Things , Sustainability, Energy , for example. This approach was fully attended at MCS and provided me with a wider and more accurate model of cities as dynamic and growing organisms, therefore in the central role in the development process of nations and economies. Even though I previously had years of experience in the use of ICT in cities, MCS brought me very important insights and concepts that will definitely help me to address my professional career from now on.

    Renato Almeida Rodrigues Senior Consultant for Smart Cities and Co-founder of I2M – Innovation to Market Email:
  • Cristina Armuña

    An open minded process to understand cities. The holistic vision that knowledge about management, design, urban planning, sociology and technology offers has made me think about problems and solutions for cities in a more complete way. The multidisciplinary profiles of the students help to work in a realistic approach to professional projects. A world of possibilities encouraged from the MSC that change your view about businesses, measures for citizens and future professional perspectives.

    Cristina Armuña Consultant specialized in TMT sector Email:
  • Laura Viviana Rojas Reyes

    My time at Master in City Sciences prepared me through a strong focus on a journey throughout different ideas, the diversity within the courses, teachers and most importantly the different backgrounds students themselves represent a great strength of the program, students with fresh perspectives, and exciting discussions on the future of our cities, turning the city into an experimental field towards social and spatial innovation, I think that beyond the very rich and intense knowledge the MCS offers a great international professional network that can be useful in many different ways in the future, my advice is to take advantage of this experience in every possible way.

    Laura Viviana Rojas Reyes Architect focused in Bicycle urban planning and research Email:
  • Raffaele Sisto

    This master is going way beyond my expectations. Its program and the quality of the lecturers and experts give that holistic perspective needed to manage the city of the future. Moreover, it responds to the necessity of creating a new work position, the city scientist, a professional who knows how to apply and find the tools required across all disciplines for a good planning. I'm very sure it will open up many possibilities for my future career.

    Raffaele Sisto Freelance architect, co-founder of and co-founder of Smart and City Email:
  • Carmen Asenjo

    As a groundbreaking and innovative programme, the Master in City Sciences has the perfect combination between theoretical framework with a knowledgeable faculty and practical activities going from field trips to lectures from experts. The program is providing me not only with a holistic view of the city but also with the necessary tools to continue my professional career in such disruptive field.

    PwC City Strategy Senior Consultant
    Carmen Asenjo 2014-2015. Email:
  • Javier Dorao

    The training received by the Master in City Sciences goes beyond the one imparted in a Smart Cities Masters. Its holistic approach has allowed me not only to learn about new technologies applicable to the city, but to know how to solve real problems taking advantages of all city dimensions for creating a competitive global system, a 21th century city. The MCS has provided me with a training for a new profession that has emerged, the city fixer. Profession which has arisen with a strong demand in today´s labour market and which importance will keep improving in the coming future.

    Javier Dorao City researcher at UPM Email:
  • Victoria Fernández Áñez

    Permanent interaction and connection are the key of both future cities and MCS. It offers a transdisciplinary approach through the different fields that are involved in the city. Lectures and professors provide high quality training, but is the combination of the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities which result in this holistic point of view of city issues. Therefore, MCS is providing me with tools to understand the city from different points of view and combine them through a comprehensive vision where energy, sociology, economics and technology interact with urban planning and design. Besides, cooperation among participants that are professionals with different backgrounds and with really high motivation is a great asset to MCS, which makes me get the most of the experience.

    Victoria Fernández Áñez Researcher in TRANSyT –UPM Email:
  • Paula Alamán

    I see the city as a scenario where many "actors" and "factors" interact at the same time, is how the Master of City Sciences approaches its program: it provides a holistic view of the urban environment, poses the challenges involved in new cities and takes into account the tools that future "city makers" will need. It is being a great growing experience shared with an excellent team of professors and experts of every area and with the best colleagues from such different backgrounds and experience, all of them make the learning process largely enriches and the discussions very stimulating. I have no doubt that it is the best and unique multidisciplinary education I could choose to focus my career into cities developing and to become a city scientist.

    Paula Alamán Big Data & Data Science Business Consultant at Synergic Partners Email:
  • Yara Falakha

    Cities are physical manifestations of people’s interactions, and so to know how to mold these physical bodies, it is necessary to have a multidisciplinary approach to how they function and what keeps them alive. Answers to trendy questions are pretty much everywhere nowadays, yet the problem resides in addressing the right questions with the right tools to craft a better world. The way the Master in City Sciences approaches these issues is quite exquisite and unique, challenging what we take for granted and focusing on the overall interdependence of all fields of knowledge. This program is the juxtaposition of a huge range of professionals with an endless diversity of ideas and mindsets, which leaves its participants wondrous, critical, holistic and highly motivated, with expertise like no other.

    Yara Falakha Urban Design at Taktyk Email:
  • Javier García López

    As an architect and project manager I strongly recommend to take part in the Master in City Sciences. It has been a successful choice as it has been a key turn around in my career towards the fascinating subject that the project of the city in the coming years will be. The multidisciplinary and cross international program provides an unique and holistic view of the city. I am very proud to become a city scientist.

    Javier García López Freelance Architect and Co-founder of Smart and City Email:
  • Alberto Arenal Cabello

    Master in City Sciences has been a pivotal moment in the way I understand the concept of City. Future challenges of the cities are very interrelated and the holistic approach it´s the only way you are able to deal with them.
    Besides, learning from renowned lecturers, studying with international people and working in cross-disciplinary teams have been very challenging and rewarding.
    I´m sure that the combination of these things are going to permit me to become in a much more versatile engineer and offer a great deal of opportunities for my future.

    Alberto Arenal Cabello Specialist in Operators, New Business Models and Competitiveness Area at AMETIC Email:
  • Anouchka Lettré

    The master in City Sciences helped me to increase my academical knowledge across an excellent holistic teaching. The multidisciplinary approach as well as the different workshops organised around students and experts coming from different countries and backgrounds transformed the programme in a cluster of innovation. I believe this kind of great collaboration will help planners to build and develop efficient, sustainable and community-based cities. From a personal point of view, I also gained in maturity within a new international environment. I believe that this master opened my mind to adversity in giving me new standpoints and in increasing both my adaptability skills and my desire to embrace an international career.

    Anouchka Lettré Urban planner. Visualization specialist Email:
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